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Shifang Anda Chemicals Co., Ltd  is one of the international famous water soluble fertilizer enterprises, aims to lead the development of Chinese modern efficient agriculture.

Registered capital of 24.397 million, six subordinate (holding) functional departments (production, logistics, agricultural materials and services, export trade, investment and financing, new technology) corporate, global operations

ANDA CHEM independent production capacity of 30000 tons/year, ten regions at home and abroad (7) both at home and abroad three, more than 600 dealerships, covering most of China's agriculture developed provinces.

ANDA CHEM is a focus on high-end research and development of plant nutrition , promotion, agrochemical service professional agrochemical enterprises.
The main business efficient means of agricultural production and technical services

ANDA CHEM main production

A large number of elements and trace elements water soluble fertilizer, efficient foliar fertilizer, calcium iron zinc, magnesium and boron , drip irrigation materials Monoammonium phosphate, Diammonium phosphate, Monopotassium phosphate, Potassium nitrate, saline improved special drip irrigation fertilizer


Promotion of high-end plant nutrition and advanced planting technology, lighten the working strength of planting industry in China, let the planting industry is more efficient and better effect and benefit! A great company -- innovate Chinese planting mode .
We warmly welcome both domestic and abroad customers and friends to visit our company.

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